Dog Training

The Training Process

It usually starts off with a free consultation which is a perfect time for the trainer to get to know both the dog and owner. This helps to get a greater understanding of certain factors about the dog, such as his or her personality, past, and current environment. One thing that is important to understand about animals, is they are not all the same. An individual plan will be established for each pet in order to achieve the best results. Then the training begins for both owner and pet!


The Training Ways 

Each training plan has a simple base; remaining calm, consistent, and confident. No matter what the situation is, it can be addressed with a positive outlook and calm state of mind. Calm the Paws solely enforces positive training methods and never uses punitive techniques. We never use fear to get an animal to respond. Animals sense our emotions and how we are feeling. For example,  if someone is frustrated or angry  when trying to get their dogs to listen, the dog  will pick up on those emotions and react negatively. The dog will either react by not responding to the command and ignore the owner, or freeze with fear. Being calm, and confident when stating commands, the dog will respond in a positive manner. Positive methods are not only the most effective, but build a stronger bond between the dog and human. At the end of training both owner and pet will have a mutual respect for one another and walk away feeling relaxed while living together in harmony! 


 *Prices range from $25-$65 per hour*

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